Introducing Romeo-Jonathan Baden Blomstergren

Introducing Romeo-Jonathan Baden Blomstergren
Introducing Romeo-Jonathan Baden Blomstergren.

Romeo Baden Blomstergren. Born in Fredericia, Denmark in 2000.

He is very patient and solution seeking, with attention to detail.

When not servicing our highly valued customers, Romeo enjoys the small things in life such as socializing, eating great food and a stay-at-home evening.

He started working in the shipping industry in 2019 as hub agency operator, after having graduated from an international business college in Denmark.

After having worked as hub agency operator for about 2 ½ years, Romeo Baden Blomstergren joined Baden Agency in June of 2022.

His interest in shipping in general was sparked at a young age. Having both of his parents working in the shipping and logistics industry probably influenced him.

Romeo Baden Blomstergren
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